This survey was developed based on the US CDC guidelines as of April 21, 2020.

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Please select the symptoms you have:

Learn about the symptoms one would typically need to have to be granted a COVID-19 test by taking this survey.

According to the official CDC symptom list, your current symptoms means it is NOT recommended/necessary at this moment for you to be tested for COVID-19.

The prevailing advice is to not overwhelm the healthcare system at this crucial time; medical personnel, people over 65 and only those with severe symptoms will be prioritised for testing. Please understand and cooperate with this prioritisation.

If you remain concerned, please call your nearest healthcare professional for advice. In the meantime, do observe good hygiene, stay at home particularly if symptomatic, and enforce social distancing of 6ft. If new pneumonia-like symptoms develop, please come back to revisit the survey!

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If you are suffering from severe shortness of breath, the prevailing advice would be to skip waiting for drive-thru testing and proceed directly and without delay to a hospital (suitable to your insurance plan) for urgent care - be sure to CALL AHEAD for instructions! IMPORTANT: this site does not administer medical advice so at the very least call your nearest healthcare professional for immediate advice!

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According to current CDC guidelines, your combination of symptoms suggests you may be eligible to get a doctor's referral/appointment at a testing site. Enter your zipcode to find your closest drive through test centers.

Disclaimer: This is a purely informational website only; please use at your own risk and exercise sound judgment. This is NOT medical advice - seek a medical professional for that. We accept no liability resulting from how the information is used.