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Live status: 828 drive-through COVID-19 testing sites with 5 pending verification.

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Core Volunteer Team:

Louis Leung (director)
Jessica Meckmann (iOS lead)
Abhishek Prashant (android lead)
Caren Shiozaki (data, vetting)
Hannah Feldman (design)
Mike Emory (design, testing)
Nancy Peterson (outreach)
Sara Martineau (outreach)
Chris McKleroy (outreach)

Testing Site Contributors:

Louis Leung (579), Fawn Medesha (182), Anon. (16), Jerry Halterman (8), Brian Grone (6), Jessica Meckmann (5), Bulk (5), Christine Tran (4), Emily Sewell (3), Misha Raina (2), Caren Shiozaki (2), Grant Gordon (2), Gemini Skariah (1), John Wang (1), Molly McLogan (1), Matthew Lancellotti (1).

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> About the mission:

Testingforcovid.com is a free, not-for-profit, crowdsourced website for locating COVID-19 test sites throughout the United States. We are all volunteers, have no profit motive and collect no personal data from users.

Our mission: There is an urgent need for easily accessed, real-time accurate information about test sites including locations, hours and patient requirements. With the public's help, we aim to cover as many of the > 3,000 counties in the U.S. as possible with crowdsourcing efforts. We have a core commitment to privacy, so users provide no personal information and are not required to create any account to access or submit data. The team follows the CDC guidelines in real time and it is mandated that all live sites on our map are human-verified with news sources.

About us: Led by Louis Leung, Ph.D. (@louis_leung), with help from Jessica Meckmann (@meckimac) and Mike Emory, Ph.D., we are a growing group of scientists and engineers who developed this resource when considering the same question that is on the minds of millions of people in the US: what can I do to help? Louis earned his neuroscience Ph.D at the University of Cambridge, completed post-doctoral research at Stanford University publishing in the journal Nature in 2019, and now works for a Silicon Valley neuroscience start-up. Jessica is an IT director and entrepreneur. Mike received his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford, and is currently a research scientist and software engineer.

Privacy: From the outset, we believe strongly that the collection/storing of personal data (particulary medical) is simply not necessary to give access to such a resource. Our transparent commitment to you is that no personal data is collected and no cookies are set while using this service EXCEPT for a) your Internet Protocol (IP) address to provide anonymous usage statistics to improve the website, and b) the zipcode you (might) enter in order for us to provide you the appropriate mapping results. That's no name, age, address, phone number, email, login/password, medical insurance information, medical history or current symptoms required to use our locations resource!

> How can I help?

As scientists, we might be committed to, and experts in, high quality data discovery, but we can't do this nearly quickly enough without your help (yes - YOU reading this!). You are vital to teach us about your local sites and to keep your data fresh! Join the testingforcovid coalition of volunteers today to:

Submit sites: Every single one of you are our eyes and ears on the ground whether you stay home and watch local news or go out for essential trips and notice a new testing site! Submitting a site is easy and can be done from the safety of your home, takes 5min and we promise you will feel great after your good deed!

Become a County Representative: Right now, we have > 2500 US counties without a single record of a drive-through test site - check the list here. We need to rapidly accelerate the crowdsourcing of the remaining sites. If you are from one of these counties, volunteer to BECOME OUR COUNTY REP on the ground. If you can give a bit more time to this mission, step up to spearhead "grassroots" efforts to gather and keep up-to-date local testing site information on behalf of your neighbors. Visit our Volunteer Page for more information if you are interested in volunteering and serving your local community!

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Please confirm you understand the terms of use:

By using this website (testingforcovid.com) past this point, you accept the following terms of use and disclaimers:

  1. You understand the information given in this website does NOT constitute medical advice. For this, seek medical professionals.
  2. You understand the locations and information regarding COVID-19 testing sites are fluid so will use this information sensibly and at your own risk.
  3. The volunteers that have created this website do not accept any liability for events resulting from use or misuse of information provided herein.
  4. You are aware that at this moment, the majority of these test sites do require a pre-screening of symptoms via telehealth and a doctors order or appointment.